Chairperson’s Message

Chairperson’s Message

Happy Fall!

I am happy to invite you to the October 2020 meeting, which will be held at an appropriate location soon to be determined.  We are meeting at 11:30, Thursday, October 8th, and our discussion will be led by Diane Gramlich, on the topic of “Disorganization”.  Doesn’t disorganization drive you crazy?  We are sharing ideas on how to overcome it, to make our lives smoother and calmer.  What are your tips and ideas?  We look forward to hearing them!  (Disorganization definition:  Lack of proper planning and control)

At the September meeting we discussed the topic “13 Ways to Kill Your Community” and by community what was meant was any kind of group or organization, large or small, with a commonality.  This meeting was based on the book “13 Ways to Kill Your Community” by Doug Griffiths, a small book, but packed with great ideas!

By the way, my name is Diane Kinnear, and I am the new Executive Board Chairperson for Independent Achievers  Women’s Mastermind and Empowerment Group…This will be my second term as Chairperson, as I was in this position for three consecutive years previously, from September 2015 to June 2018.  This time around I have Diane Gramlich as my Vice Chairperson, and a whole group of Amazing Women to help keep us moving on an upward trajectory!

More details on the “What’s Up Next Next” page…hope to see you there!

Have a GREAT Summer! 

Diane Kinnear

Click here make your reservation for the October 8th 2020 Independent Achievers Luncheon right here on the Website!

What’s Up Next?  October 8th, 2020 Luncheon and Brainstorming Event!