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Independent Achievers (IA) is a Women’s Mastermind and Empowerment Group

We are happy to announce that Diane Kinnear has stepped up to take on the Chairperson position,  so the group will start up again September 2020! 

We will meet on the second Thursday of each month (except July & August) in various locations around Red Deer, for a luncheon meeting.  From 11:30-12:00 ladies arrive and socialize, 12:00-1:00 we will order lunch and have a group chat, including a once around the room “what’s new with you” visit (briefly),  which will be followed by a discussion on business women’s topics.  The topic will be given out in advance in case the “keeners” wish to do extensive research, because we want as much knowledge on the subject that we can get to make it a stimulating and thought-provoking brain-storming/learning session.  Sometimes a speaker may replace the discussion…we will let you know in advance.   At 1:00 pm many ladies need to leave, but for those who can stay, the venue is open for more discussing.  We will no longer be charging a fee for the meeting…you simply order whatever you’d like for lunch, and pay as you leave.  If you wish to advertise on this lovely website, you have the option of paying a yearly Membership Fee of a whopping $20…we don’t really want your money…we just want to know you are serious about becoming a valued member of the IA community 🙂 

Everyone is welcome!!!   Click Here for What’s Coming Up Next, and to Register for the Next Luncheon!

You do not need to be a member to come to the luncheons and PARTICIPATE…but we do need to know who is expected in order to make a reservation at the restaurant (hence the need for registering above)
Membership does have its privileges, however:  It allows you and your business advertising to be up on our Beautiful Website (Member directory, member upcoming events and ads, and every now and then you get to be the spotlight member!)
Membership also gives you the right to vote on the happenings of the group, or run for executive positions and really make a difference on the direction of the group

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