Membership for the 2020/2021 year will be…suspended until next year!

So next year you can have the privilege of advertising on the website for the entire year.  You are encouraged to put your  picture, contact information for your business, and bio (written by you) for the world to see on the “Membership Directory” page.  We have a “What’s Happening With Our Members?” page, too, where you can place a generalized ad for your business that will stay up all year long, or an event ad which will come down after the event is over.  We feature a different member each month in the Spotlight (usually someone who has positively enhanced the group recently).  If you have written an article, or have read a great one lately (same goes with podcasts or recordings) we can post it under the Articles, Videos and Podcasts section… As a member you also have the ability to contribute to the group’s direction and how it achieves its goals.  And we are always looking for more pictures to showcase on the website, so if you’re a member please send us yours!  

Any ONE of these benefits would be worth much more than $50…but we are not out to make lots of money for the group…we just want to know you are committed to making our incredible group even more incredible!

To become a member please let us know at a luncheon, and we will be happy to get you a Membership form.